JetBack  Frac Flowbacks

JetBack Frac Flowbacks

Rig Assisted Jet Pump Well Flowback

The JetBack system is a rig deployed jet pump and service packer, run in hole for post-frac clean up, for post-acid job flowback, or well testing. The service rig pump is used to power the JetBack jet pump, and lift rates typically range from 150 m3/D to 400+ m3/D, depending on the application.

Compared to difficult swabbing operations, the JetBack system easily handles sand and gas kicks, and can often reduce clean-up times by 70 to 80%.

The JetBack jet pump assembly is sized for optimal performance in the specific well, targeting maximum lift rate. Jet pumps are ideal for multi-phase flow and for sand handling.

Running a pressure memory gauge in the JetBack assembly allows operators to gain valuable reservoir information for permanent pump sizing.

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